“Why You Always Lying!?”

I chose the “why you always lying video” to analyze. I am not sure how familiar you are with the video, but I first found out about this about a month ago when I was scrolling through my twitter timeline.  As I scrolled down my timeline I would consistently see meme after meme made out of the singer’s face, and six seconds vines from the video.


The singer made a spin-off (remix) parody version of a song called Too Close by a singer named NEXT that came out back in 2009. Since the new parody song went viral about a month ago, it has already received over 6 million views on youtube.

I think one of the main reasons why this video went viral is because of the memes that were used and created from this song. Everybody loves a good meme, and once social media gets a hold of a “high quality” meme, it doesn’t let go. His face showed up on twitter timelines, Instagram timelines, Facebook feeds, professional athletes profile pictures, professional singers pages, comedian vine pages, this song was everywhere. Some people even went as far as to reproduce the parody song in different languages and with people of different races and nationalities. Also another reason as to why I believe this went so viral is because the song is so catchy. Once you hear it over and over again, the course gets stuck in your head and you have no choice but to listen to it again or watch the vines over and over again. All of the memes and vines that were accompanied with the video have a reliability factor built in as well. Everybody has that one friend or knows that one person who they know is always lying in order to make themselves look better in front of others. Everybody knows that ones person that over exaggerates about everything, and these are the reasons why people loved the song, everybody could relate and create situations in which they could relate to what was being said. As shown in Chapter 7,  between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and the amount of “unique visitors” they acquire on a daily basis, this song hit every major social media by storm. With all of these factors set in to play, it is very clear why this video and this “singer/comedian” became so popular and went so viral is such short amount of time.

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  1. Stephen Pacheco says:

    I think one of the most interesting and revealing aspects of viral media illuminated by this video in particular is the fact that anyone, anywhere, at any time can produce content that rivals or surpasses that of professionals in a given field in terms of dissemination and popularity. This parody – released not even a month ago – already has almost half as many views as the professional video has accumulated over the course of six years. The original video was created by an R&B group signed to a major label, who paid a director, choreographers, background dancers, actors, producers, and editors, set artists, designers, and location scouts to help make a music video for their hit single, and yet the video’s popularity and impact is in jeopardy of being surpassed by that of a kid with a video camera and basic editing software. This shows just how important the trend of “producers” in our society has become – those who not only consume content, but also produce it and can spread it to the world without having to have money or be a professional.

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