The Shallowness of Twitter

In general, I am not a fan of Twitter because I feel like it takes up a significant amount of peoples time. Although, if used properly I believe it can be beneficial for informing individuals, I feel like there is too much non-important, time consuming information being shared for it to be worth my while. This is especially true for me when it comes to politics.

Victory by Mudslinging (Or, Why We Hear More About Donald Trump From the Democrats Than the Republicans)

Perhaps the most prominent agenda-setting that occurs in the media today is not of what we talk about, but how we talk about it. The presidential election is a topic that the American public is guaranteed to care about, and thus the media is obligated to cover. But news organizations do help to change the … Continue reading Victory by Mudslinging (Or, Why We Hear More About Donald Trump From the Democrats Than the Republicans)

Radical Republicans and Dainty Democrats

When interested in the opinion of my opposing political party (and let’s not be coy about this– the Republicans), I take three routes.

“Donald Trump” and “Ben Carson”

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has become one of the homes for satiric comedy with games and skits that range from the Jersey Shore to Breaking Bad to the funny moments of America’s presidential debates. The current focus of many shows like Jimmy Fallon’s has been the Republican and Democratic debates, poking fun at candidates and their responses to one another or moderators during the debate. In this new digital age, this how politics and entertainment collide.

What the fact?!

Political debates are an extremely important part of the election process, as they give voters an opportunity to watch and listen to the candidates. The Kennedy/Nixon debates were a good example of how much influence televised debates can posses. Today, debates have taken on a rather theatrical air. There is much pomp and circumstance, and … Continue reading What the fact?!

Tweeting Your Way to the White House

Social media is the hot new trend in politics. After Obama utilized in in his 2008 presidential campaign, campaigning was never the same. Social media, as Gosa points out, “represent[s] a weakening of institutionalized boundaries of authority” (221).

Media Business and Politics

Though this may not constitute a direct example of politics in the media, this New York Times opinion piece ( examines the effects that media moguls Rupert Murdoch and Michael Bloomberg have on the political game, so to speak.

The Political Bias of the Internet

link to Donald Trump video here I am hardly the first person to poke fun of Donald Trump and the way he portrays himself to the world through social media and interviews. Public figures are usually held to a higher standard when it comes to what they say in front of large audiences. With the […]

Presidential Media Critique

This is an advertisement about Ben Carson. In this video his persona is associated with the constitution, both black and white families, cities, industry, and growth/ capitalism when we are shown the stock exchange. The video culminates with a picture of the white house to reinforce Ben’s worthiness to be the president. Now it might be a weak link to the picture in my head but I now see Ben as an entrepreneurial man who came from the big city and made a name for himself. He also cares about traditional family values because we see a mother teaching her children how to read and a black family and a white family walking together and spending time together at the table.

Fighting On Twitter

This past summer, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton used Twitter as a platform to make snarky remarks regarding each other’s campaign logos.