Kony 2012: Framing and deception

Most of you are familiar with the thirty minute long video that riveted the whole Western world to their computer in a naïve attempt to make a difference. The video published in March of 2012 by the Invisible Children Group instantly went viral with 100 million views recorded in only 6 days (Stat provided by … Continue reading Kony 2012: Framing and deception


Many feminism and gender equality campaigns took over social media in the year of 2014. One of the largest feminine product companies, Always, took charge with their #LikeAGirl campaign with over 53.3 million hits on Youtube. What makes this commercial campaign a little different from others is its social experiment-like format.

“Why You Always Lying!?”

The singer made a spin-off (remix) parody version of a song called Too Close by a singer named NEXT that came out back in 2009. Since the new parody song went viral about a month ago, it has already received over 6 million views on youtube.

I think one of the main reason this video went viral is because of the memes that were used and created from this song. Everybody loves a good meme, and once social media gets a hold of a high quality meme, it doesn’t let go.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Viral Experiment

Jimmy Kimmel secretly filmed and posted a video to YouTube as an experiment to see if he could make a video viral. After it gained nine million views within a week of its initial posting, Kimmel revealed his plan and its success.

Kony 2012 and Why Guilt Goes Viral

Kony 2012 was.. large, to say the least. The video got millions of views on Youtube and was featured on countless news segments. The organization that started the campaign, Invisible Children, received 32 million in donations after the video aired, according to NPR. There’s no conceivable argument against the video being considered “viral”. And to do … Continue reading Kony 2012 and Why Guilt Goes Viral

Cat Saves Child From Dog Attack

Posted in May of 2014, this year — and almost a half – old video has, as of October 7, 24,937,279 views. The video itself its nothing extremely noteworthy. The footage comes from two security cameras, or at least two different angles, but the camera itself is stagnant, leaving the audience strictly playing the role of voyeur. The video shows the events that transpire as follows: a young boy plays on a small bicycle in the driveway of his house. A neighboring dog approaches and becomes aware of the presence of the boy. The sprints around the car in the driveway, runs up to the boy on the bike and grabs him by the leg, pulling him off the bike, and beginning to drag him down the driveway. Out of nowhere, a cat runs and jumps onto the dog, pushing him off the boy. The dog runs off and the cat follows for a bit and then turns back around to go back to the boy. The mother of the boy also runs and checks on the boy, then goes to see about the dog.

Cue Air Horn: The Man Who Can’t Be Seen

WWE wrestler John Cena has been a prevalent face in the industry for over 10 years now. So why is he just now becoming a meme? It seems like every other video leads to John Cena.

Dancing Diva Goes Viral

I remember coming across this video on Facebook, but the video was shared across multiple networks, including Youtube and popular television news shows like Good Morning America and ABC news. Johanna’s sassy dancing and iconic full arm snap attracted so much joy that she was invited on Good Morning America and Nickelodeon to share her dance moves, specifically her sassy snap and shimmy.

Faces of Calamity: Analysis of the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Impact Certain Images can have as the “Faces” of those Events

This photo serves as a reminder that there are, in fact, a variety of reasons for an item to go viral. This particular photo represents the terrible refugee crisis now facing countries around the world but particularly focused in Europe. The photo went viral because it very quickly became the face of that crisis.

Viral Media analysis

I chose the video the Evolution of Music by the Pentatonix Acapella group to analyze. I think the video went viral because it appealed to everyone’s appreciation of music in a new and interesting way. Especially using only well known music everyone heard most of the songs. It may be considered viral because it reached a large number of people and was shared on numerous platforms (Nahon and Hemsley 16). In terms of the reach by numbers 71 million is enough to classify it as viral.