Good Grief: Earl Sweatshirt Upset with Columbia Records

Earl Sweatshirt is frustrated with his label after they mishandled the release of his second album.

Students Discuss: Music Industry Issues

This American Life: How Can Radio Reinvent Itself?

This American Life: How can radio reinvent itself?   In 1939, a poll revealed that Americans much preferred to listen to radio for entertainment purposes rather than going to the movies or reading books (Douglas Gomery, A History of Broadcasting in the United States). After spending an hour compulsively watching seven second Vine videos and … Continue reading This American Life: How Can Radio Reinvent Itself?

Wild Child Killin The Industree

My favorite indie band, Wild Child, proves that bands can be successful without radio plays or a record deal. According to their website,, their first album Pillow Talk (2011) “notched four no. 1 singles on indie pulse monitor Hype Machine.” Their second album The Runaround received glowing reviews from NPR, Paste, Pop Matters, and … Continue reading Wild Child Killin The Industree

Audio Media Reflection

Unfortunately for recording companies, it’s nearly impossible to restrict illegal downloads of music without subsequently restricting the Internet itself. And people who care about the Internet are very, very averse to having online freedoms restricted.

The Internet as a Purging Mechanism for the Music Industry

In this interview between famed intellectual Cornel West and musician-turned-mogul Jay Z have a brief chat about the internet and the role it will play in the future of the recording industry. Drawing from his decades of experience in the industry, Jay Z posits that the internet is a powerful tool that may put an end to the homogeneity in pop music, and weed out the true talent from one-hit-wonders.

Notorious B.I.G.’s Legacy

Rapper Notorious B.I.G. only released one album in his lifetime but after his death in 1997 his presence in the musical world surged. His verses continue to thrive today in a sea of popular user-created remixes.

This American Life Reflection

Most notable about This American Life is the lack of advertisements, there was one brief “This show is brought to you by….” segment at the beginning and then the entire hour was ad free. In the reading Gomery stated, “Radio’s revenues came not from listeners but from advertisers.”(38). The show has managed to go against the trend of most radio stations and that is unique.

Centralization Among Media Conglomerates Reflections

As was noted many times in our discussions, as well as the Pavlik & Mcintosh reading, the steady consolidation of major producers in the recording industry has led to the result that “three companies have oligarchical control” (Pavlik & McIntosh 99)… This article specifically mentions relevant points in the infamous Baltimore Riots that went largely ignored by the central media broadcasters

Soulja Boy Tells Em’

(12:09-end) Soulja Boy, best know for his viral hit “Crank That” with an accompanying dance tutorial, began recording his music using internet outlets for sharing his music in 2006. He began on SoundClick, which de described as “the Billboard charts for the underground artists- everyone in the streets that’s unsigned.” Eventually, Soulja Boy began averaging […]