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Hello! My name is Theo Jones. I am a senior Economics major and I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. I am pictured here with my big family at my grandmother’s birthday party last Spring.

A Short Introduction

I’m Alia Karout, a junior Sociology major at Davidson College hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Hello world!

Hello world!
First thing’s first…

Stephen Pacheco

My name is Stephen Pacheco and I am a Sophomore from Memphis, TN. I’m the one with the blue bow tie and blue pants in the picture (had to include a group picture, solo shots are always crazy awkward). I am undecided in terms of major but I am interested in business and advertising, and so I’ve taken a lot of Communications, Art, Digital Studies, Film and Media Studies, and Creative Writing classes. I interned for the Memphis Grizzlies this past summer, doing advertising and digital design, and I hope to continue working for them throughout the year and am planning on working at an ad agency in NYC next summer.

About Me

I always was bad at describing myself so forgive me. In Highland Park Illinois, born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days. Chillin’ out, maxin’ relaxin’ all cool riding my bike around town with some friends from school.

About Me

Hi! My name is Sarah Louise Kostoryz. My middle name, Louise, rhymes with my last name, and therefore helps pronounce Cost-store-reez. (Czechoslovakian last names are usually tricky to say). Due to the blundering of my last name, my long-time nickname is Sarah K. I’m from Kansas City, Missouri. I attended Catholic schooling, but was raised … Continue reading About Me


Hi! My name is David Sisson and I am a first year student at Davidson College. I am on the soccer team and I plan to be a premed student. Before Attending Davidson I went to an all boys high school in Cleveland Ohio called St. Ignatius.

About Me

Hello! My name is Claire Weitnauer, and I am a sophomore from Decatur, Ga.

About the Author

Sophie Rae McHugh was raised a city girl in Atlanta, Georgia, before she embarked on the second chapter of her life attending Davidson College in North Carolina.

About Me

I am Nicholas DiMassimo And I’m from Powder Springs, Georgia. I am on the football team and undeclared in my major.


My name is Jack Kemp and I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I went to the same school, McDonogh School, for 14 years (an extra year for pre-first because 1st grade was too much work). In high school I was involved in lacrosse, student government, FCA and Shootout for Soldiers, among other things. Since this is for Mass Media I thought I would add my favorite forms of media. I love watching sports, Game of Thrones, and True Detective and on my phone I text, use group-me, snapchat and Instagram a ton.

My Bio

My name is Evelyn Morris and I am a current sophomore at Davidson College.


I am Annabel Schulz. I am from New York City. I am currently a freshmen at Davidson College, and I am studying Art History, Chinese, and Communications.

About Me

My name is Bridget Lavender and I am a sophomore from Greensboro, NC. I am taking this course, Mass Media & Society, because I am extremely interested in how media can be used to influence people, specifically as it relates to non-profits and charity work.

About me

I began attending Davidson College in 2014, and am currently a Sophomore planning on majoring in Political Science. However, I have a wide range of interests both relating to my major and beyond.

Chris Massey Summary

I was born in Kentucky, which would help to explain the hodgepodge of accents I’ve picked up, much to the bemusement of those who meet me and assume I’m Canadian.

Cordelia Wilks

Cordelia Wilks is a sophomore English major from Houston, Texas. Her primary interests are in print and audio media.

About Me

I’m Lauren Redfern, a freshman at Davidson College. I’m from Santa Cruz, California.

Kamau “Kam” Faines

My name is Kamau “Kam” Faines, and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am a sophomore here at Davidson College. I am a potential Political Science major, and Sociology minor, and I also play on the basketball team. Boxing is my second favorite sport behind basketball. I love music, I listen to a lot of Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B, but I love all types of music. As I grow older mass media seems to be taking on a bigger role in my daily life and the society in which I live, therefore I am trying to learn as much about it as I can.

The man behind the post

Just as it can be seen in most websites today, I feel slightly obliged to follow the unwritten rule of letting you hopefully avid readers know a little about myself.


I am Annabel Schulz. I am currently a freshmen at Davidson College, and I am studying Art History, Chinese, and Communications.

Dr. Martinez

Welcome to my class and our Davidson Domain!

Mass, Media, and Society

Kiambra Griffin hails from Harlem, New York. She is an undeclared sophomore Africana Studies major and Communications minor at Davidson College.


My name is Katie Tabachnick. I’m a sophomore from Atlanta, GA.

Author Bio

Hi! My name is Kristin Kisa and I am a freshman field hockey player here at Davidson.

About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Megan Comstock and I’m a sophomore from Raleigh, NC. I’m most likely going to be a psychology major.

About Me

Hello! My name is Joanne Suk. I am a sophomore at Davidson College but I hail from Long Island, New York.


    France, La Rose…et Severine My name is Severine, which is of French origin, but I am not French. Each nineteenth of the month, or on my “monthly birthday,” my father presents me with a rose. “To celebrate another month of living as a Severine,” he says. I adore roses, but I don’t like […]

About me

Hello! My name is Michelle McNeight and I am a senior at Davidson College.

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