Terrorism and the Media

http://marc8573.wix.com/terrorismandthemedia Link to multimedia project. Hope y’all have a nice break! Take care. Marc

Davidson Together

By creating a Davidson-specific online center, Davidson together hopes to offer more opportunities for collaboration. We want to connect academic departments to student organizations and events, bridging the gap between academia and practical application. We want to create an environment where students can pose questions and start conversations without the need to be anonymous. We […]

College Student Activism and Mass Media

Surprisingly, student activism at the university level is nearly as old as the university itself. Over the course of time, student groups representing individuals across various demographics have protested for causes larger than their own campuses, including those that have put a mirror to greater political events. The course of student activism has shifted along with the media landscape. The technological advances of this new digital age have revolutionized the ways student movements are able to organize and subsequently mobilize.
To explore this topic, we decided to create an informative website. The goal of our project is to provide our audience with the knowledge necessary to gain a political and social consciousness of college campus activism in the United States.

Patent Trolls’ Effect of the Digital Divide

My Final project focused on the effect of Patent Trolls on the digital divide between the rich and poor. Through examining how Patent Trolls sue under patents to the effect they have on investing I argue that as Patent Trolls effect telecommunications Providers the most those who use the services with the least funds will be the most effected.

Self-Publishing and The Rise of the Ebook Multimedia Project

Abstract: Self-publishing has terrified many in the literary world. Many fear that the new wave of “amateur” authors will overwhelm the books that are actually worth reading. But the history of printing, and indeed of storytelling itself, disagrees with the notion of the need for literary gatekeepers. After all, the first works of “Literature” never saw … Continue reading Self-Publishing and The Rise of the Ebook Multimedia Project

Mulitmedia Project

For my final project I decided to do something other than what I talked about during my presentation. Instead of creating a video or blog I decided to use the website sploder.com to create my own video game. The link for the game is above. It is short and not very difficult to get the hang of but fun to make. It has two levels with three stages each. To get to the next stage simply walk all the way to the other side of the screen.

Coca-Cola: A Case Study In Media Convergence & The Adaptation of Advertising Campaigns to Fit the New Media/Technology Landscape

In the end, I found that my case study of Coca-Cola was far from a singular pursuit dedicated to the tracking of an isolated set of advertising and marketing strategies and trends from one company. I believe that Coke is a representative and forward-thinking advertising institution, adapting to but also actively shaping the new media environment—and therefore studying Coke can act as a way to study advertising as a whole. My case study has shown not only how the dissemination (see “Mass Media Integration” and “Innovations in Advertising” Piktocharts) and content (see the interactive timelines of print and television ads, “Coca-Cola: A Case Study” Piktochart) of messages has changed (and will continue to change) as a result of burgeoning technologies and new media outlets, but also how deeply rooted advertising as an institution is in modern society. Purposeful, innovative advertising was able to transform a small, “summertime” beverage company into an American staple and worldwide “brand of happiness”—and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

African American Portrayal in Mass Media

Our project was on African American Portrayal within mass media. For our final project we created a website about the different focus areas that we chose to highlight and analyze. Below is a preview of what our website looks like, along with it is a link to the actual website.

Black Portrayal in Media Info graphic

An infographic showing some overused roles for African Americans in movies.


Although children are surrounded by and using media at higher rates than ever before, they receive little formal instruction on how to navigate it, and we are already beginning to see some negative effects, including low self esteem and poor body image, which I focused on.