Students Discuss Interactive Media

-A two-way process (dialog) -The content received depends on user input. -The majority of media these days try to incorporate interactive elements.   Interactive media are those that create a dialogue between the user and the system, where both sides are able to alter the other (such as through user experiences).   Interactive media allows […]

Interactive Media: An App Developer’s Insights on the Industry

After spending several years developing enterprise applications and web based applications, I was very intrigued when the iPhone came out and developer apps were available with iOS 2. Having used apps in the past on the Palm platform, I was aware of some of the capabilities that apps could handle, but the iPhone was an entirely new way of thinking. When the iPad was announced in 2010, I knew I had to create an app and take advantage of the new platform and screen size.

Behind the Scenes

This is a photograph taken from the Baltimore riots, which occurred after Freddie Gray died while in police custody. In this photo there is a black man wearing a gas mask in front of a wall of policemen. His arm is raised in what appears to be a defiant way. He is looking straight at the […]

Pope Francis & Prison Inmate Photo

This photo, from the most recent New York Times, shows Pope Francis clutching the hand of a prison inmate ‘ after visiting a correctional facility during his American tour. It is also about as good an example of framing as you could hope to find. A slightly zoomed-out version of this photo would convey a very … Continue reading Domains Reflection Week 2

Sex and Stereotypes in Advertising

Firstly, sex and anything even remotely relating to it have always been a popular theme when it comes to selling a product in any form, but especially in sports and food. The typically “male gaze” dominates our view here and gives the consumer exactly what they want to see

Land Without Bread: A Controversial Tour De Force in Visual Framing

Sometimes, we forget that every image is not simply a visualization of reality – it is a selection, carefully chosen by the photographer/filmmaker. It is only when this selection is used to frame the image away from reality and towards an agenda that visual media becomes a problem, as Bunuel demonstrated.

Good Grief: Earl Sweatshirt Upset with Columbia Records

Earl Sweatshirt is frustrated with his label after they mishandled the release of his second album.

Donald Trump has the Best Quotes

Right now it feels like we can’t go more than a day or two without hearing about Donald Trump and the most recent outrages statement he has made. The media has made it seem like everyone is in on a big joke and Donald Trump is simply out of the loop.

Framing as a Storytelling Device

This scene has no words and little music, showcasing how lighting, camera angles, nonverbal acting, and specifically mise en scene (framing) drive the movie’s story line more than dialogue or action.

The Falling Man

The picture I chose to analyze was taken by Richard Drew, who named it “The Falling Man.”  The picture was not desired to be published because of its controversy regarding 9/11.  This man is one of the many who instead of being burned in the fire in the twin tower buildings decided to jump from the … Continue reading The Falling Man